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Credit: National Geographic

Credit: National Geographic

I knew I would have my work cut out for me.  I’ve recently moved to Cochrane, Ontario, birthplace of Tim Horton, and breeding ground for hockey greats.  Endeavouring to promote music education in a town where most kids want to be the next Sidney Crosby will be a challenge – but one I am looking forward to meeting head on.

The ice is finally gone from the event centre, and young ones are looking elsewhere for profitable occupation.  Hopefully, they’ll find a musical instrument.

I honestly don’t know how many pianos are left in this town.  Acoustic instruments have become more of a liability than an asset to many, with the local classified regularly advertising the ‘Free Piano If You’ll Take It Away’.  There is generally more demand for tuning and repair than for lessons, so I should have a pretty good idea of what exists here by the end of the month.  My flyer goes up tomorrow.

Have you started a studio in a small rural town?  How did you approach it?